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About The Honest Pint

Throughout the 20th century in several countries the idea of an honest pint has been a point of focus. It has come to pass that certain retailers have abused the trust of their patrons by pouring their beer into a 13-15 oz glass and still referring to it as a pint. By jeopardizing a timeless concept like a pint of ale these heathens have created a rift in the relationship between the publican and the common man. Historically, the pub has been the model business for honest products at fair prices Alas, it only takes one villainous restaurateur hell bent on making an extra buck at the guest’s expense to change the marketplace forever. Groups have rallied, the people have protested, and in some places even legislation has been suggested to put an end to this kind of deceit. We too are offended.

Here at The Honest Pint we take the concept of getting what you pay for very seriously. Offering our beers as a true pint is only the beginning. We offer you our honest vision of a neighborhood pub with an Irish kitchen in an urban setting. We offer our take on traditional Irish food in our effort to stand out in a business landscape defined by the idea that it is better to do what everyone is doing. Our menu highlights items like Colcannon and boxty married nicely with wings, burgers and Chattanooga’s best Reuben. The result is a fusion of American and Irish cooking that will both surprise and impress you. We offer spirits and beers that we feel are definitive of a good selection of each distinct category. The liquor side naturally focuses on Irish whiskey and some great Scotches; and the beer list is defined by Irish beers and American craft beers. And as is tradition in Irish pubs, we offer our stage to musicians to make an honest buck doing what they love to do for our guests. We believe that despite the trend to think otherwise- working musicians should get paid for their trade so we always have a humble cover charge to pay said musicians. These entertainers throughout history have helped define their cultures and they will continue to do so in whatever local arena that they have.

We believe in the ideas of building community and the practice of ethical business. We believe in making an honest living through hard work and dedication. We also believe in thinking and working outside the mainstream to not only make an impression but to surprise our guests through friendly service and great food and atmosphere. In a world full of carbon copy concepts and vanilla eateries we try to break the mold. We attempt to take classic concepts and cuisine and make them modern and relevant. In this juxtaposed scenario of the classic pub and the modern restaurant we feel strangely comfortable. The concept of an ‘honest pint’ translates beyond the beer glasses we use and speaks more of our philosophy on all things in our business. We believe that this ideology is what defines the pub concept in its purist form.